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Psychological Evaluations

A psychological evaluation is a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s mental and emotional functioning, often conducted by a trained psychologist. Our goal is to provide you or your child with a thorough and accurate understanding of mental health concerns, strengths, and challenges, and to inform treatment planning and decision-making. Psychological evaluations can involve a variety of assessment techniques, including interviews, standardized tests, and questionnaires. The specific assessment tools used will depend on the individual’s presenting concerns and the goals of the evaluation.

ADHD and Learning Disorders

At Integrated Counseling Services, our clinical psychologists conduct psychological evaluations for various areas including, assessment for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Specific Learning Disorder (SLD) with children (from age 6 and above), adolescents, and adults. Our psychologists will consider a variety of client factors such as age, gender, developmental stage, cognitive ability, academic performance, mood dysregulation, current level of stress, and other confounding environmental elements.

Emotional-Behavioral Disorders

Our clinical psychologists also have specialty in evaluation of Trauma-related Disorders (e.g., PTSD) and other emotional-behavioral disorders (e.g., anxiety, mood, oppositional defiance, conduct, OCD, and others).

Our Process

The process of a psychological evaluation typically involves several steps, including an initial interview to gather information about the individual’s history and concerns, as well as administration of assessment tools. Since our psychologists’ approach to psychological evaluation is both multi-method and multi-informant, on average, the evaluation process takes 3-6 hours. We often recommend that the evaluation sessions be conducted on two separate days. The written psychological evaluation report is typically completed within 60 days from the beginning of the assessment process. After the assessment and the psychological report are completed, our psychologists will hold an 1-hour feedback/results session to provide a kind and detailed explanation about the results and practical recommendations derived from the evaluation. The final report will be provided to you to be freely used for your or your child’s benefit in a variety of settings such as schools and work.