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Family Therapy

We know that one of our most important relationships in life are with our family members and we know that getting along with our family might come with a lot of emotional and psychological baggage. So, family therapy at ICS focuses on improving communication, relationships, and functioning within a family system. Our goal in family therapy is to help family members understand and support each other, and to work through conflicts and challenges together as a team.

During family therapy sessions, our skilled therapists work with you and your family members to identify and address the concerns and issues that are impacting your family’s relationships and functioning. The therapist may use a variety of techniques and approaches to help the family, such as structural therapy, narrative therapy, or strategic therapy.

Family therapy can be helpful for a range of concerns, including communication problems, conflicts between family members, parenting challenges, major life transitions, and mental health issues impacting the family. It can also be useful for families who are experiencing stressors, such as financial difficulties, illness, or divorce.

Family therapy sessions may involve all family members or specific members of the family, depending on the needs of the family and the goals of therapy. Our goal is to help your family improve communication, increase empathy and understanding among family members, and gain a greater sense of cohesion and support within your family. Once a family can develop better coping skills and strategies to navigate challenges, they can build a stronger foundation for a healthy and fulfilling family life.