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Frequently asked questions

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We are conveniently located 500 yards east (about a 6 minute walk or 3 minute car ride) from the main gate at Osan Air Base (K-55).
If you’re taking public transportation, the closest subway station to our center is Songtan station (via subway line 1).
Our address is 2nd floor, 325-70 Sinjang-dong, Pyeongtaek-si. 경기도 평택시 신장동 325-70, 2층.

Our office is open Monday through Friday from 10am to 7pm. We are also receiving online appointments on weekends and after 7pm during the week. Please note, our staff will not be able to answer any phone calls or emails after 7pm and on weekends.

Yes, there is free street parking one block south of our building as well as four designated parking spaces in front of our building. There are also three public parking lots within a 2 minute walking distance of our office: Sinjang Shopping Mall Public Parking Lot #1, International Central Market Public Parking Lot #1 and #2.

Yes! Whether you’re in Paju or Jeju, we offer high quality therapy services via online therapy. We are also able to provide in-person sessions in Seoul and Suwon. We encourage you to contact us to get started.

Please contact us to find out if we are able to provide telehealth services based on your location outside of South Korea. Our staff will have to check local licensure laws to determine if our clinicians can provide services based on the country you reside in.

Unfortunately, we do not offer crisis response services. If you are in crisis, please present yourself at the nearest hospital emergency room, or call 119 or 112.


We understand that starting therapy for the first time can be nerve-racking. But knowing what to expect can make it a bit easier. It may be awkward and strange at first to be vulnerable with a stranger, but over time, we hope you’ll feel safe and comfortable entrusting yourself to us.

Your first session or “intake session” will be different from future visits. The intake session is a period for you and your therapist to get to know each other, as well as for your therapist to assess your needs, symptoms, and gather information about your history in order to tailor goals for therapy. In future sessions, what you discuss with your therapist is up to both you and your therapist. Oftentimes, it helps to have a topic in mind, so that you can maximize your time.

All of our therapists speak English fluently and have years of personal and professional experience in the US or other English-speaking countries. Some of our therapists also provide therapy services in Korean. Feel free to read our therapists bios to see who might be a good fit.

Yes. Confidentiality is a key principal upon which the practice of therapy is based. We strictly adhere to confidentiality and thus, no information about you can be released to a third party without your prior written consent. You can rest assured that your privacy will be upheld.

Our goal is to match you with one of our clinicians and schedule the first visit within 5 business days after we receive your inquiry. We know how hard it may be to seek out psychological services and so our aim is to make the process a smooth one. Please email us at intake@integratedcounseling.net or call us at (031) 662-7571 to get started.

Therapists are assigned based on the service requested, the concern you are seeking therapy for, as well as your preferences. If you indicate a specific interest in one of our therapists, we will try our best to match you with him or her. In other cases, there may be more than one therapist who matches your needs, so you will be referred to those with available openings. If none of the therapists who would be a good match for you are available, you can be added to our wait list to be contacted once a spot opens up.

Absolutely. You can change therapists at any time. We know the importance of having a good fit with your therapist and understand that sometimes people just don’t “click.” We encourage you to tell your therapist directly if you are able to, or please contact our staff to begin the reassignment process. Please know we value your feedback and we want to best meet your needs.

The length of therapy sessions depends on the type of therapy, your therapist’s specialties, and your needs. As a rule of thumb, most individual therapy sessions are an hour-long: 55 minutes spent with your therapist and the last 5 minutes of the hour left for your therapist to complete notes and other administrative tasks.

No, unfortunately we do not prescribe any medications as we are not medical providers (e.g., psychiatrists, mental health nurse practitioners). However, we can refer you to nearby psychiatric services.

psychological evaluations

Unfortunately, psychological evaluations require some essential assessment measures to be conducted in-person. However, there are aspects of the evaluation process that can be conducted online, such as the clinical interviews with parents and teachers, as well as some questionnaires. With certain evaluations, such as ADHD assessment for young children, the evaluation must be conducted in-person.

The hours and days needed to complete an evaluation depends on the areas being assessed. On average, evaluations take 3 to 6 hours with a client, with a 1-hour feedback/follow up session after the report is complete. The time it takes for all the assessment data to be collected, synthesized, and written in a report varies for each psychologist. That being said, we value your time and thus, our psychologists will work thoroughly and efficiently.

All sessions are conducted in a private, one-on-one setting with a psychologist. Both children and adult clients usually become comfortable after a few minutes and the tasks are often similar to school work. Breaks are provided as needed for adults and are given often for children and adolescents.

While parents of younger children are generally encouraged to stay in our waiting room, parents with children who are old enough and comfortable to be independent are welcome to leave. Our staff and psychologists may not be able to fully supervise children during breaks, so we ask parents to be present for younger children. We also ask parents to always provide a cell phone number before leaving.

Yes, just like therapy, confidentiality is fundamental for psychological evaluations. Our psychologists cannot reveal any information about an evaluation without your prior written consent. For children, a parent or legal guardian decides who sees the report or receives any information. Oftentimes, our psychologists will ask to receive your written consent in order to interview third party informants (e.g., teachers, family members) to conduct a thorough evaluation.

Once we receive notice of your interest via phone, email, or webform, our psychologists will help determine which areas to evaluate based on your needs. Please note, our staff cannot help determine which areas to evaluate as they are not licensed professionals.

payment & Insurance

We accept most major international insurances. Our staff will contact your insurance on your behalf to ascertain your coverage for our services. Please contact us for information regarding coverage of your international insurance, other forms of payment, and our service fees.

Generally, the international insurance plans we accept typically cover 90%-100% of our session fee. There may be some exceptions to this, so please provide our staff with your insurance details and we can contact your insurance for you to determine the specifics of your insurance policy coverage details.

Please contact us directly to inquire about our session costs.

Coverage of psychological evaluations vary per insurance. Please contact us directly to inquire about our evaluation costs.

Unfortunately, Korean insurance companies do not cover therapy services. However, please contact us to explore other options of payment for our services.

We value your time and commitment to therapy as much as we value ours. So, in the case of no-shows or late cancellations (within 24-hours of your session), there is a fee of 100,000 won. However, for your first no-show or late cancellation, we will waive your cancellation fee. We also understand that medical emergencies can occur, so we will also waive any late cancellations or no-shows if you can provide us with a document or letter from a medical doctor.