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A Day for Parents

parents day

In honor of Parent’s Day (5/8) in Korea, we’d like to mention a few things about being a parent that we sometimes forget or neglect.

1. The importance of self-care for parents: can you prioritize your own well-being while also being there for your children?

2. Coping with the challenges of parenthood you parents face , such as sleep deprivation, financial stress, and work-life balance: do you currently have adequate coping strategies and resources?

3. Celebrating the joys of parenthood: do you parents have difficulty savoring and celebrating these moments of the joys and rewards of being a parent?

4. Supporting you and the other parent of your children through difficult times, such as divorce, illness, or loss: have you found resources and support for you and/or your partner who may be struggling?

You as a parent may tend to focus more on the impact of parenting on their children’s physical and mental health as well as building healthy relationships with your children, and then you are very likely to pay less attention to yourself. If you don’t have a positive answer to those questions above, we hope you can take time this week for yourself to talk about it with us at Integrated Counseling Services.

Hope you parents have a good night’s sleep tonight.

Hugh Kwon, MA
Licensed Professional Counselor

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