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Why Should I Find a Psychotherapist Close By?


Are you looking for an English-speaking counselor in Korea? You’ll probably google it or ask a close friend about where to receive counseling. However, there are some reasons why you may want to find a psychotherapist near your home.

1. Convenience: Finding a psychotherapist nearby can be more convenient, as it can reduce the time and cost associated with travel. It can also be easier to schedule appointments that fit your schedule.

2. Accessibility: Having a psychotherapist nearby can make it more accessible for you to receive therapy. You may be more likely to attend appointments regularly and make progress in therapy if it is easy for you to get to the therapist’s office.


3. Local Knowledge: A psychotherapist who is located nearby may have a better understanding of the local community and resources. They may also be more aware of local mental health issues and be able to provide you with more tailored and relevant support.


4. Support Network: Having a psychotherapist nearby can be beneficial in terms of building a support network. They may be able to refer you to other mental health professionals or support groups in the local area.


5. Personal Connection: Finally, finding a psychotherapist nearby can also provide you with a sense of comfort and familiarity. You may feel more comfortable opening up and sharing your thoughts and feelings with someone who is from your local community and understands your cultural background and experiences.

Overall, finding a psychotherapist nearby can provide you with many benefits in terms of convenience, accessibility, local knowledge, support, and personal connection.


Minsu Kim, PhD
Licensed Clinical Psychologist (US)
Mental Health Clinical Psychologist 1st Class (Korea)